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The moment of birth

I was going to start with something along the lines of "On a cold october morning...". Yes, it is october, but it feels like a late-spring morning #climatechange... Such an oddity, to have full knowledge of an impending disaster yet feeling utterly impotent. But, Les Grands De Ce Monde will surely have something up their sleeve, won't they. As they always do...

The world we live in is all about I-want-my-Andy-Warhol-moment speed, likes, views, Black Fridays and hypersonic-fast, overwhelmingly dense information. But do we have the means to process that information ? To keep up with the pace ?

So this is it, Panem is born today. After so long a time of gestation. We took our time, we will probably keep on taking the time. But here it is, at long last. And we do hope you will enjoy it in your own way.

Thank you for listening and see you soon.

#new #newband #progressiverock

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