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-"Very soulful passionate indie rock vibes!"


Gems & Secrets

-"The energy and the catchiness behind the vocal production is great."


Barry Gruff

-"Powerful, passionate and rousing indie-rock anthem; it is a huge, epic anthem that swells with emotion and explodes in anthemic climax!"

Music Mecca

-"Killer voice! Powerful stuff!"

Indie Music Center

-"Really loved the soulful vocals and heartfelt lyrics here. Great vocals harmony too. And a great quality of production.



-"(...) Has that intangible Fleetwood Mac kind of fun to the song. (...) Live show goodness indeed (...) it's a fab and stadium filling goodness."


Adopte Un Disque

-"La complémentarité des voix est parfaite."



-"This sounds very high-class! (...) Very interesting lyrical content!"


Niche Music

-"The majestic sounds and the multi-layered vocals are amazing."


Various Small Flames

-"The song's ability to build and change direction is excellent here, and the vocals provide a real intensity and urgency."


Somos Grandes

-"Strong powerful vocals, guitars and arrangements that compliment each other very well."


Le Futurewave

-"This song is captivating from beginning to end. Such great vocals. (...) Lyrics are also a highlight."

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