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New Panem video Face Tomorrow (Acoustic Version) out now !

New Panem video Face Tomorrow acoustic version out now

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Our drummer Mogan always thought that our songs had an acoustic feel to them. At some point, he and our studio guy Thierry Chassang fiddled with the Coles 4038 Ribbon mics, trying them out on the drums. They were blown away by the result so they thought 'we should record an acoustic song with the whole band, using these Coles for everything...' It didn't take much thinking to agree on an acoustic version of Face Tomorrow, using those 4038s exclusively, much like it was done for the BBC radio broadcasts in the 50s. And we got our video guy Quentin Rousseau to come out and shoot this video during the recording session.

So here it is, vocals, instruments everything recorded exclusively with the Coles 4038.

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